We are safe in our homes, community and at work.

Our primary need is to feel and be safe. Only when people feel safe can they experience the best in life, contribute to their community and help build economic prosperity.

Crime can damage the liveability of communities by undermining our sense of safety. The good news is that our target to reduce state-wide crime rates was achieved early, with victim reported crime declining every year, since 2002-03, by at least 1.9%.

All South Australians have a responsibility to ensure their own safety while protecting that of others. Each death and serious injury on our roads or at the workplace is a tragedy for both the family involved and the community.

In 2009, there were 119 road fatalities and 1 101 serious injuries. Despite recent decreases in the number of workplace fatalities, there were 108 in South Australia between 2001-02 and 2008-09. We need to work together to reduce these figures.

We also need to take action as a community to prevent the crime of domestic violence, in all forms, and support families in overcoming its consequences. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their homes. Much of the physical, sexual and psychological abuse against women goes unreported. In a survey conducted by the ABS during 2005, around 36 000 women in South Australia had experienced physical or sexual violence in the previous 12 months. Violence in our homes also has a serious effect on children. We are absolute in our commitment to reduce violence against women and children.

Natural disasters also undermine our safety. Everyone has a role to play in being prepared for such events to minimise their impact and reduce the time it takes to recover.