We have a skilled and sustainable workforce.

Our strong economy creates opportunities for an increasing number of South Australians to enter the workforce. We recognise that we must strike a balance between our economic prosperity and ensuring the wellbeing of our community. We actively support the development of skills through apprenticeships and training and want all South Australians to have the opportunity to learn a lifelong skill or trade.

It is important that South Australia attracts and retains a sustainable workforce to ensure there is balance in our population. Over the next 20 years more than 40% of South Australia’s  current labour force may retire. Without effective strategies, this could lead to a dramatic decrease in the proportion of our community in the workforce.

Population growth is important to our economic prosperity; it ensures we have the labour resources in place to provide essential services like nursing and policing. More workers means greater productivity and economic prosperity, meaning everyone can enjoy a good standard of living.

We value the contribution our regions make to our economic prosperity, home to agriculture, forestry and fishing industries as well as an expanding mining industry. These industries together contributed $6 billion to our economy in 2009-10. We want our regional communities to thrive through sustained growth while reaping the economic and social benefits of their hard work.