We look after our natural environment.

Our wildlife and natural surrounds are environmental and economic assets; we want to keep enjoying them and know that we share responsibility for their conservation.

South Australia has a reputation as a clean and green destination and producer. To maintain our reputation and secure the enjoyment and far reaching benefits of these assets into the future, including for those whose livelihoods depend on them, we must adopt sustainable management practices and contribute to conservation activities.

South Australians have shown that they are passionate about looking after our natural environment. On Clean Up Australia Day 2010 over 60 000 South Australians removed 1 304 tonnes of rubbish from 593 sites.

We need to protect our farms from soil erosion and ensure that urban development is balanced with protecting agricultural lands. The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide sets out our goals to ensure that our capital city grows up not out.

We recognise and respect the beauty and fragility of our wildlife and natural surrounds. Our biological diversity sustains our state’s natural resources. We need to maintain the health and diversity of both our land and water habitats so that we don’t lose any more precious species through human impact.