We value and protect our water resources.

Water is essential for all aspects of our lives and critical to our economic and environmental aspirations and viability as a state. We recognise that how we use and save water today will have lasting effects for our future.

South Australia is a dry state in the driest inhabited continent on earth. South Australians currently use approximately 1 200 GL (or 480 000 Olympic swimming pools) of water each year. Adelaide and surrounds use around 200 GL of water each year from our mains drinking water supply — when we are not on water restrictions — and regional South Australia uses approximately 50 GL. About 63% of this mains water is used in our homes and gardens.

All of us can make simple changes that make a big difference in preserving our precious water supply. Using a water efficient shower head can save 11 litres of water each minute. Using grey water or water from rainwater tanks reduces the draw on the River Murray.

Sustainable water resource management systems are also important. South Australia is a world leader in stormwater and wastewater recycling. We must continue to diversify our traditional sources of water to lessen the burden on our water supply.

South Australians are committed to a healthy River Murray so that it can continue to support our communities, environment and industries.